Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jadon's 8th Birthday

Jadon turned 8 this year and boy has it been a big year for him! He turned 8, got into scouts, starts 3rd grade and is having his first football year! Here is some pictures of his 8th birthday party! We had it at our house and had my family join us this year! Jadon got a ton of, no suprise, LEGO STAR WARS stuff!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thanksgiving Point with Grandpa

We called up Grandpa Curtis and asked if he would join us for a trip to the Dino Museum! We had lots of fun! Grandpa had never been there before and enjoyed seeing the Big ULTRASAURUS as well as the TYRANOSAURUS REX! Grandpa laughed with the boys and showed them all the dinosaurs!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tyler's birthday big Number 6

Tyler's birthday this year got celebrated at Melissa's house! Randy and Melissa threw a fun barbecue and bought Tyler an amazing STAR WARS LEGO SET! Tyler couldn't have been more happy! He also got lots of other fun LEGO sets and immediately gave them to Jadon to put together! Within one day they were lots of separate pieces again! But that's ok he loves to play with them and design lots of different things! I also took Tyler up to Farm country to spend some time with our Herriman friends, the Richard family. I bought pizza and drinks and we had a fun picnic enjoying Tyler's day with his friends!

A month with the DOC and family

We got the fun opportunity to spend some time over at aunt Melissa's home! It was really great to get to know her and Randy and the kiddos! I admit that before that month I didn't know the kids that well and I sure got to have a blast getting to know them! I have never seen such an amazing shirt collection as Sean has and Cate has the cutest bum I have ever seen! And I got to see a lot of bumm!!! It was really fun hanging out with them! I especially liked being able to talk to Melissa and getting to know her better! We had lots of barbecue's and a fun trip up the canyon and zoo time and fun in the sun! We also enjoyed lots of time in the delux hot tub! Which my kids called the "warm swimming pool!" Here are some pics of fun in the sun! I wouldn't mind bunking at Melissa's house for a week or so each summer...Think she'll take us? HAHA!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Koen and a way to stay warm

Oh it is really cold out here! But look at this soft sand! It's soft and it goes deep down! WOW!

Oh look at this...Its kind of warm! This is warming my hands up hmmmmm.....
Mommmm...look at this. I can lay down and get warm! My whole body!

Ohhhh! This feels so good! I am so warm now! I think I may stay here a while!

Ahh! What the heck! I might as well give myself a snack too! HMMM..SALTY!!!

Koen cracked me up! It doesn't look like much from the pictures but he layed in the sand for over 20 minutes without moving! It was pretty cold that day with high winds. The other boys were out in the water and we were just watching them. Koen was so cute. He started eating the sand and crunching it between his teeth! He got pretty upset when it was time to go because he was really warm laying in the sand!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fun on the Coast of Oregon

Tyler getting a bit too close to the girls!!! He always has had a way with women!!!!!

Woot woo Jadon! Never seen you so dressed up!!!!

Digging for sea stars!

On our way down to the ocean with a bit of hiking!

Koen touching his first sea urchin!


What's in there mommy? Is that a seal?


While down in Oregon we took a three day trip down to the coast with the boys! These are some of the places we hung out at! The Aquarium, the beach, the lighthouse and some shops around the corner! The water was freezing at the beach but we were lucky to get a beautiful three days out of the coast! The boys, being fearless, jumped right on in the water and loved it! Koen and I stayed back a bit and played in the sand! I am not quite as daring as I used to be! For some reason....the cold doesn't sit well with me HA HA!!! We stayed in this cute home right down the way from the beach. About a 2 minute walk..and thats with kiddos! The sunsets were amazing, the flowers, the sea life and just laughing with my family. I am so greatful that I have a hubby that is happy and willing to take us everywhere! I own everything to him! I love you sweetie!! Here are some of the pictures we took of us and the beautiful things we were able to see and discover!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Fun in Oregon

We went to Oregon for our family vacation this year! We had so much fun! Grandpa came with us on long drives up the falls and on two LONG trips to the Air and Space museum. What I mean is WELL.....Grandpa and Dad got lost the first time and we had to go back home. So we went the next day! We had a blast this year up there! The first morning we got up and went on a walk and saw the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen! We then went to the Falls and to the museum! We had good eats and laughed a lot! Grandpa was doing really well when we were there and laughed more than ever!!! Grandma was lots of fun too! We had really fun dinners and played on the raft that grandma made and had the best vacation ever! It was really good to see Grandma and Grandpa and we hope to make it up there again next year!